Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fox of the Week [9/3]: CiCi Santarelli

At only 20 years old, CiCi Santarelli has already been named Ohio model of the year. She was featured in The Source in April 2008, and was the Dimepiece featured model in July 2008.

What kind of modeling do you do?

My goals in modeling are to be successful in the glamour/urban/import modeling section of the industry, a cover girl of high end men's magazines such as BlackMens, King, XXL, SHOW, and Maxim, or even to be a centerfold or playmate of the year. I think with my ethnic, distinctive look that's where I fit in the most. Outside of modeling, I also have ambitions of acting, TV hosting, and more. I want to be an all around entertainer!

What led you to modeling?

I was approached by the founder of the Real Muzak Vixens (now Ghost Model Management), Aundrea Jackson. She had seen my Polaroids on MySpace and one of her former promotional models was my neighbor, so we met up through her.

Who are some models you admire? Why?

Marilyn Monroe! Not only does she resemble my mother, but she is one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet. Her smile, glamour, beauty and style. Overall she is a real beauty and i like the fact that she was not a size 0, but had ample curves. From her soft voice s to her pouty red lips, she had a knack for making men's toes curl. She was just herself but still an iconic figure.

What would you say is your style or approach to a photo shoot?

I am aiming to set my own standards in the modeling industry. My interest is in the glamour/urban side of the industry. Everyone knows that a majority of the succesful girls in the Urban side have a waist and hips measurement difference of 20 or more. I am trying to do what the girl next to me is not, but not in a negative, degrading way.

What makes a good photographer? What does a good photographer bring to a photo shoot?

As long as I am comfortable with the photographer, we are doing the images in a tasteful manner and the images are getting used for the right reason then everything is ok. As far as what he brings to the shoot; it would be his camera, laptop, A+ game and a ice pack because it gets kind of hot. [laughs]

How do people underestimate you?

I think sometimes my age, being only 20 years old, peoples expectations are not as high until they meet me or view my work.

Where would you most like to do a photo shoot? Why?
I am in love with the whole Old Hollywood/pinup (40s and 50s) image. So something in that sense with a little bit of fetish mixed in by a swimming pool or maybe in a martini glass with bubble bath.

What is one goal you feel you must accomplish in your career?

There's no progression like progress. I don't know for sure but I know I will continue to be successful and advance in my career.

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