Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ohio hip-hop artist Cy Harp: the most relatable artist

Cy Harp is a hip-hop artist from Ohio. He discusses his style, what's wrong and right with hip-hop, and why he is the most relatable artist.

Describe your style for someone who has never heard your music.

My style is super straight forward. What you hear is what you get. No sugar coating, no bubble gum, none of that stuff. It’s really just a big reflection of reality that’s why I’m the most relatable artist!

What makes you the most relatable artist?

The fact that I can rap about things that everyone has had an experienced. But I seem to tip the scale on more the humorous side. I just did a song called “Just Chillen” and I was talking about a girl that talks sexual, say how much they will do this and that to you. When it came down to the actual sex, she changed her mind and was actually afraid. Soon as I released the song, my mailbox was full of people laughing and saying they remembered when it happened to them.

If you could write and perform a song with one artist (living or dead) who would it be? Why?

Definitely Tupac, I just like the passion and heart that went into his material. You can hear through the emotion in his voice that he really means what he is saying. As I do on a different scale.

What would you say is right with hip-hop at the moment? What is wrong with it?

What is right about hip hop is the fun, a lot of people are hitting the clubs and having fun dancing to the new records… all in all just having a good time off of what’s being put out.

What is wrong is the fact the message is getting took out of music. The origins of music was based on delivering messages, whether it was a story about a great war hero or a story about directions to go north from slavery. All in all I think there is a way to connect good times with stories and still deliver a message. Will Smith's “Summer Time” did it. [laughs]

If you can only accomplish one thing in your career, what would it be? Why?

To be remembered forever. Because I believe a lot of messages in my music now and what you will hear in the near future is like game being passed down. I’m telling people how I dealt with college coming from the environment I came from to promoting the fact of having good morals. I believe that character in anyone should be studied, and I will be the person of that stature.

What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

I would still be finishing up my marketing degree in December. But with music being out of the question, my direction would be more community oriented than now. I think I would be just grinding with the marketing helping kids understand things I wish I would have known.

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  1. Man, I like the answer u gave about the only thing you could accomplish, what would it be? Being remebered for forever is something that carries a lot of power and responiblity and means that everything you do is going broke. Which says a lot about yourself.

  2. I like the overall message... People are so afraid to be themselves! It really opens eyes when you hear someone rap about the truth. I respect you so much for that!!