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Fox of the Week [10/29]: Ladi Mahogany Da Foxx

Ladi Mahogany Da Foxx (39DD-32-55...yes, you read that correctly) is a model from Atlanta. She is currently pursuing a nursing degree. She answers questions about how she got started modeling, where she would like to shoot, and models she admires.

How do you balance being a mortgage banker, a nursing student, and a model?

I don't balance it. I just do it. Life is about experience, growth and development. I've been a mortgage banker since high school, then I got into financial security to add to my portfolio. I started a business called Elite Financial Group LLC and did well for ten years. I was making ten to fifteen thousand dollars a month. Then banks started closing, the Dow Jones was down ten percent. Mortgage offices were closing and these are the people I do business with.

How did you get started in modeling?

I moved to Atlanta to work for a company called Norstar Financial. Once I got to Atlanta my then-boyfriend introduced me to the entertainment world, because he is a major executive in the music business. I didn't think I could be a model. Most models are a size zero to a size six. I'm a fourteen. This boyfriend said that he thought I could really make some noise in the industry for the "Extra Thick" women that look like me. The rest is history...Ladi Mahogany-Da Foxx was born. People that know me as a model are surprised about my knowledge of finance. People that work with me are surprised I model. [Laughs]

What do you think is your best feature?

Honestly I would have to say my smile. I have been told that my smile will brighten up a room. And if I had a 2nd choice it would me my ass, I make a pair of jeans look DAMN GOOD! [Laughs]

What makes for a really good photo?

There is a lot that goes into making a hot photo, but to me its the concept and how well the model intertwines with the concept, making the photo a reality.

How do people misjudge you?

I believe people misjudge me based on the sexy pictures I take, thinking that I'm dumb and easy. But anyone that knows me knows that I am educated, I am a go-getter & I am determined. Anything I do - I am going to ALWAYS give it my best! It represents who I am!

Who are some models you admire? Why?

Well of course myself. [Laughs] For obvious reasons. But on a more serious note - their are a few models I admire.

Elke The Stallion - She is self-made! Her Resume Speaks for itself!

Ms. Anowa - She stays on her grind - she doesn't get distracted easily. She is super hot and sexy she treats the modeling industry as a business. That is what keeps her ahead of the game!

Mena Monroe - Mena is Fire! Mena Got Swag! Mena is that deal. I respect her hustle!

Jayonna Fabro - Jayonna is a force to be RECKONED with. She means business at all times and she handles it well! (Author's note: look for a feature of Jayonna in the near future right here on Fox Tracks.)

JaJuan (JJ) I got mad love for JJ. She took the game by STORM!!! In a short time she has become recognized as a heavyweight who ain't afraid to throw a punch!

La'Teshia B (Jerzy Peach)! You haven't met a savvy and creative business woman until you met my girl La'Teshia. She is the queen of all trades, modeling, acting, music videos, etc. But what makes La'Teshia a model that I respect - she is very humble and she never knocks anyone down!

DStacked - DStacked is the TRUTH! She's sexy, she has curves to die for, she hot to death & she is BLUNT! She is a very open and strong minded person who speaks the truth whether you like it or not! She is a no non-sense type of woman who doesn't entertain bullshit! Her attitude is - "I'm me - Hate or love it!" And I love it!

If you could do a photo shoot anywhere, what location would you choose? Why?

Costa Rica. I would love to shoot under a beautiful waterfall In Costa Rica. I'm all about peace and tranquility, and Costa Rica (from the pictures I have seen) seems like paradise!

If you can only accomplish one thing in your career, what would it be?

I would love to entertain my audience to the fullest and at the best of my ability. I'm in it to win it & hopefully my modeling will lead me to other avenues of the business and I can become successful on a national level.
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    Ladi Mahogany - Da Foxx

  2. I enjoyed everything about this feature. Great responses. I'll be happy to help you out anytime.

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