Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Utah County Swillers: unhealthy country punk

The Utah County Swillers is a punk band from Provo, Utah. In this interview, Scott discusses why you should have the band's CD in your collection, where is the best place to hear its music, and what he would be doing if he weren't making music.

Complete the sentence: The Utah County Swillers is...

A band of unhealthy and unhygienic punk rockers from the heart of Utah County, Utah.

Why should I have The Utah County Swillers in my collection?

It's the best anthropological record of a tiny subversive class of suburbanites from the center of the most politically Conservative hell hole in the U.S. of A.

What is the best place to listen to your music?

ABGs Libation Emporium in Provo, Utah. It's the best place to see any band. If you don't dare come to Provo, we also play most of the major dive bars in Utah and occasionally make it out of the state. We just got back from Colorado where I'm afraid we seriously wore out our welcome. We've also got a CD for sale on all the major on-line music stores. It's called Polygamist on the Big Bender label. Of course, there's also Radio Free Bakersfield, the best roots music show on the Internet.

What should I expect if I attend one of your shows?

A cheap cover - only a few people - over consumption - lots of country punk about the usual topics: drugs, bad women, religion, booze, trucks - spitting, jumping, kicking, swearing - the occasional fist fight - etc.

If you could write and perform a song with one artist/band, who would it be? Why?

It's a toss up between, Elvis Hitler, Mojo Nixon, and the Waco Brothers but probably the Waco Brothers because it would be such an unlikely combination. We love them, but I'm sure they'd hate us.

What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

Making something I'm sure, probably tattoos, hot rods, zines - something bad.

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