Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fox Tracks model of the week [10/22]: Ms. Danyelle Donavonne

Danyelle Donavonne is a plus-size model from Alanta. She discusses the rewards and challenges of modeling, how she is underestimated, and what she hopes to accomplish in her career.

How did you get started modeling?

I've always loved the beauty industry, during high school I had enrolled in Cosmetology/Barbering Courses. I also had a small businesss called " Dany's Designs" where I would design and style my other plus size friends for dates, proms and more in high school. But, after high school I moved to Atlanta to attend college. I saw an ad in the paper for Model/Talent Scouts, I had prior experience because my father had a in-home modeling agency, that was a hobby he done besides working at the local middle school as a janitor.

What do you think is your best feature?

My eyes and my ass are nice. [Laughs]

How do people underestimate or misjudge you?

People tend to look at the outside alot, I have alot of people that have told me "Danyelle, you're never going to be successful because you're a big girl." Or they may say Danyelle, you're never going to date because you're a big girl." [Laughs] Little do they know I have more men and women making passes at me than they would expect. And because of my size, my look, drive, will and determination people respect me even more.

What is your favorite part about modeling?

My favorite part about modeling is meeting new hairstylists, make-up artists, models, photographers, clients, companies, fashion stylists, traveling, and hell, people in general. I love people. I'm a people person and a go-getta.

What is your favorite type of modeling?

I love to do print, promotional, magazine, internet, web, voice-over work, swimwear,
semi-nude, urban, high fashion, runway, fashion shows, acting and beauty.

What is the most challenging part of modeling?

People think that just because you're beautiful and small you can make it. NOPE!! It takes determination, dedication and passion. Looks aren't everything.

What makes a photo "Wow!"-worthy?

A model who is open to various poses, different themes of make-up, amazing locations with superb photograhers and staff. WOW!!

If you could shoot anywhere, what location would you choose? Why?

Egypt, maybe an egyptian theme. Me in the sand, or my body painted as a temple, or tomb using amazing detailing. That would rock ass!

What is one goal you hope to accomplish in your career?

To become a house-hold name. For everyone that slept on me in the past to be
like.. DAMN this girl is DOING her thing!

Danyelle's birthday was 14 October. Visit her page and wish her a belated happy birthday. Follow Ms. Danyelle on Twitter.

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