Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fox of the Week [12/16]: Lady J

Lady J is a model from New York. She discusses her accomplishments, great photos, and her dream photoshoot location. Lady J appears courtesy of Tawag Promotions.

What would you say is your best feature?

I would say my best feature would be between my smile and smooth sexy legs. I've always been complimented on my smile and if you know me well enough you would know that I'm smiling most of the time. I personally feel that my legs are my best feature because the natural observation is from bottom to top and back. My legs are the type that when you see them, it is hard to resist touching. Any girl can just show their ass for attention, but my legs are what make you want to keep looking.

Of what accomplishment are you most proud?

At the moment I think I'm most proud of my work with First Love Dynasty Girls website. Although it is fairly new site coming into the game, I feel it has the potential to be very successful Eye Candy site as well as provide an opportunity for upcoming models. I'm a major visual on the site, between being the splash on most pages to the face you will see on the navigation icons. It is a great site and I take pride in the fact that they chose me to be the major face of their brand. The entire site will be up end of December/early January 2010, so be sure to check me out there and some other hot models!

What makes a great photograph? What makes a great photo shoot?

A great photograph, to me, is one that can evoke strong emotion and draws people in. It can paint a vivid story to the viewer and creates a connection. The best photos I've ever seen were ones that kept me wondering about what was going on when the shutter snapped.

A great photo shoot is the collaboration between an open mind and just pure creativity. Some of my best shoots were the result of a spur of the moment idea and going with it. I feel that the success of a photo shoot doesn't just fall upon the qualifications of the photographer, but the dynamics of the talent as well.

If you could do a photo shoot anywhere, what location would you choose? Why?

I think I would choose somewhere in Jamaica or the Bahamas. Coming from a Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, the tropical atmosphere is home to me and where I feel I would be most in tune with my creative side. I would also just love the opportunity to travel to either of these beautiful sets of islands and b e captured along with the natural wonders these lands posses. I most desire having a shoot set under a waterfall or just near it.

What is one goal you hope to accomplish?

I hope to make a name for myself in this modeling industry not only for my looks, but also for one day the opportunities I will try to create for other girls who started out just like myself. I'm not high fashion industry standard in height and I don't have the classic glamour model look entirely. My girl next-door look sometimes gets me passed over in one realm and being only 5'7" makes it harder for runway. I've always looked up to Tyra Banks for how much she has given back to aspiring models and if I could accomplish even a fraction of what she has then I'd feel fulfilled.

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  1. She is pure beauty and brains. Great person to work with!!!