Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fox of the Week [12/3] SoCal Glamour Girl Jordan

Jordan is a model with SoCal Glamour Girls. She discusses her love of football (both professional and lingerie), her love for her job, and her admiration of a certain actor.

Give us a quick course in Jordan 101.

I'm Jordan, your cool party chick from Sothern California. I love sports, especially NFL Football. Go Chargers! But, I'm not just a fan, I am also captain of an all girls lingerie football team. I like it rough! But I can also be the caring yet HOT nurse.

What do you think is your best feature?

I think my best feature is my smile. I get many complements on it, especially on my dimples. I love smiling!

Tell us about SoCal Glamour Girls and what you do for them.

SoCal Glamour Girls is a great website full of beautiful women with whom you can chat and video date via a webcam. You can also see photos of the models and videos of their photoshoots. SoCal Glamour Girls also has sexy, naughty, news videos!! We broadcast live "Hump Day" parties every Wednesday night on out site! Basically, I model, play with the other girls and act in goofy and sexy videos. It's a rough job but someone's gotta do it. Seriously, I LOVE my job!

You're a big football fan. Who is your team? Take us through a typical Sunday watching football.

My favorite team is San Diego Chargers!!! Go Bolts!! [laughs] OK, so I get up on a Sunday, go to church with my #85 (Antonio Gates) jersey on. Then, I put whatever game is on at that moment on the TV. I love football so I watch all the NFL games that I can. I will then pick the team that I want to win, usually the team that I know will help the Chargers out. For example, when the Denver Broncos played the Washington Redskins, like a few weeks ago, I cheered for the Redskins because I know that the Broncos are in the same division as the Chargers. So, the Broncos need to lose. I will really get into the games too. I will yell at my TV, not answer my phone, and I won't get up until halftime. Just like a guy, I know. [laughs]

Who are some models you admire? Why?

I mostly admire actors. I am an aspiring actress. I admire Sandra Bullock. I love all her movies that she is in. She can play any role, and I love her on camera attitude. She always has a smile on.

What is one goal you feel you must accomplish in your career?

I feel that I must accomplish one thing at least and that is to be recognized for my work as an actress. I love being onset, the camera on me, and getting to be someone else. I hope that one day I will be recognized on film for a movie, or TV show. I hope I can inspire someone as I have been inspired.

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