Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fox of the Week [12/30] Chrystiana Carter

Chrystiana Carter is a model from Atlanta. She has been featured on I Dream of Dollhouse, a DJ Smoke radio mixtape, among others. She discusses, the rush and nerves of modeling, models she admires, and her goals in the business.

How did you get started modeling?

I started modeling in 2005, I went to an E’Lon Cosmetics fashion show casting just to see what it would be like and ended up being asked to do the show. The adrenaline rush I got from being on the runway made me want to do it more. I’ve been modeling ever since.

Describe how you felt at your first photoshoot?

My first photo shoot I was nervous, and I still get nervous at EVERY photo shoot. I know what I WANT to look like in my pictures but ensuring that I come off that way makes me nervous. I’ve only been doing print work since the beginning of 09 so I still have a lot to learn.

What would you say is your best feature?

My best feature is probably my smile. [laughs] You don’t get to see it often in my pictures but I have a Kool-Aid smile. I’ve been told my eyes have an effect about them but I don’t see it. [laughs]

What is your ideal photoshoot location? Why?

I don’t have an ideal location. I love to shoot in different places, and as long as we can have fun on set while being professional that is all that matters to me.

Who are some models you admire?

I admire Heidi Klum because she knows how to work a runway but she has the girl next door personality, which a lot of models do not possess. I also admire Vanessa Veasley (Show Magazine editor) she has done a lot of different types of modeling but is most known for her Urban Glamour. I admire her because she can model and she knows how to handle the business side to modeling. I think sometimes as models people forget that the more you know about the “industry” the more beneficial it will be for your own personal growth.

What is the most rewarding part of modeling?

The most rewarding part has to be when people ask you how you got started and do you have any advice for them. There is no real point in being in the “spotlight” if you don’t plan on using it to help others. Whether it be with modeling or just talking with them to lead them to their own passion. Sometimes people just need encouragement from others.

What is one goal you hope to accomplish?

One goal I would like to accomplish…..My long term goal is to own a modeling agency. I love to use my experiences to help other models. Modeling is fun but there is an education behind it and I think we overlook that at times. Anything you want to do with your life you have to invest time and money into it.

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