Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Pornostuntman: getting some is usually the theme of my songs

This week Fox Tracks continues to span the globe to bring you the best in independent music. The Pornostuntman is a music artist from Bern, Switzerland. He describes his sound, his approach to music and his ideal live bill.

Describe your sound for someone who has never heard The Pornostuntman.

Geez, 'slightly retarded' first comes to mind. But if you'd throw a metal shopping basket on wheels filled with pots and pans down an escalator that's going up at the same time a 747 jumbo jet is crashing into the building next door then you'd be getting close to what I think my music sounds like.

What is essential to every Pornostuntman song?

I've been a manic fan of 60's garage punk music for 25 years, so that era is my main influence for a songwriting blueprint. Lots of fuzzy distorted guitars, a simple yet sexy primitive driving Rock N Roll drum beat, some groovy organ and bass lines and some snotty 1966 wanna-be Mick Jagger vocals. My lyrics are sexually suggestive, so the hopeful possibility of 'getting some' is usually the theme of my songs. Most people love to get laid so I figure if you're gonna have to listen to some guy screaming at you then someone might as well be 'getting some' at some point in the song.

What is essential to every Pornostuntman show?

I had my one and only Pornostuntman show in 1996 and I never returned to the stage ever again. Since 1984 I've had heaps of bands but never really brought these songs into the clubs. I counted sometime last year and I have about 150 songs I've recorded, one way or another, as The Pornostuntman. I've kept this recording project a secret to a degree and I never released anything. I've attempted to put bands together playing Pornostuntman songs but it just never sounds right. In the past I recorded lots of my 'drums' on cardboard boxes and bed pans and it never could translate properly when it was played with a proper drum set.
Personally, I gave up on seriously selling records years ago since the style of music I like to write and play didn't even sell many records in the 60's at its peak. I enjoy having a recording project that I'm the boss of and I love that I don't answer to any record label dudes telling me what they think is hip or would sell more records. I just make tapes, CDs and MP3s for friends that know me and never ever sent a single package to any record label.

If you're putting a bill together with three other bands (active or defunct), who do you get to share the stage with you?

Well, it would have to be something like The Pornostuntman opening for The 13th Floor Elevators and CAN since I never had the honor of seeing either one of those groups play live in any incarnation and both groups are my faves.
I've been very lucky to have shared the stage with lots of my heroes at one point or another and for that I'm really proud of my musical achievements so far. I've performed in clubs with 60's legends like The Pretty Things, Love, The Monks, Sky Saxon to name a few and 80's acts like Mudhoney, The Fuzztones, The Lyres, Jane's Addiction, L7 and loads loads more in the 90's and 2000s, too many to mention here.

If you could write and record a song with one artist, who would you choose? Why?

It would have to be with Roky Erickson from the 13th Floor Elevators. He's got a knack for writing little Buddy Holly styled tunes and his voice just melts my mind. I'm sure we could come up with an 'A Two Headed Alien Took My Girlfriend Away' kinda song in an afternoon.

What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

Well, my life revolves around music so it's not just making music that's important, it's the lifestyle I've created around it. I started my first band in 1984 and that's really when my life took off. I got into collecting vintage guitars, fuzzboxes, amplifiers and 60's vinyl records. Afterward I was sure what kind of music I wanted to make. So I had some music gear and some friends to play with but we needed gigs. I made some graphic art for a business card to get us some gigs and then some flyers to promote them, so I dove into learning about Rock And Roll graphics. That process introduced me to the offset printing world, so naturally I dove deeper in and became an offset printer. I needed posters and t-shirts printed so I jumped trades and became an silkscreen printer. My bands got signed to different labels so I started recording and making LPs, and eventually CDs, so I learned how to make product packaging and the essentials to the recording arts. To this day I still work as a Rock graphic artist and still have both hands in the printing trade and have released over 20 albums in the process. And somehow my hardheadedness kept it all focused on my music scene. That's why I eventually made Panti-Christ as it combines everything all into one huge all encompassing sexy Rock And Roll project. The Pornostuntman is merely an escape for me away from all the other music 'jobs' that could, should and need to get done.

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