Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fox of the Week (1/13/10): tattooed SoCal Glamour Girl Natasha

Natasha is a model for SoCal Glamour Girls. She discusses her tattoos, her love of trucks and dirt bikes, and what's the best part of being a Glamour Girl.

You have 9 tattoos. Which one is your favorite? Where is it located?

Yes I have 9 tats and honestly I love them all but of course I have my favorites! If I had to choose I would say that my favorite tattoo is my half sleeve located on my left arm. I love its beauty. The bright colors are amazing and always stand out but aside from its physical beauty it holds a lot of beauty within its meaning to me. It empowers a lot of who I am, stands for what I believe in, and reminds me of things I have been through.

You say you're not the girl next door but a bad girl. What's something bad you've done that surprises people?

I have been known to say I am a bad girl and c'mon now do I look like your girl next door! [laughs] My usual saying is that "I am not your girl next door but that bitch down the street"! I have my naughty side that is for sure but deep down I am a very down-to-earth loving person who is typically very sweet but push me and that bitch comes out! [laughs] To be honest my list of bad things I have done is not to impressive. Sure I shoplifted as a kid and stirred up trouble in my younger days but for the most part I stay out of trouble [laughs], for the most part. My list of naughty is much more impressive! However something bad I have done that would probably surprise people is... well if I gave away my secrets then nothing will ever surprise them ever again. I will leave that one up to all of your imaginations. [laughs] This should be interesting! Hmmm this could be a fun game - guess what bad things Natasha has done! What do you think? Plus if I gave away my bad side then people would know what to expect from me and I like to be unpredictable!

You like trucks, dirt bikes and sports like MMA and football. Do you get a lot of marriage propositions?

I love trucks the bigger the better. Love dirt bikes especially loud powerful ones, and I have a major love for sports especially MMA and football! I am a huge football fan I go all out when I watch games and I am in NO WAY like some girls who just watch it to look cute and get guys. Hell no! I understand it and I want to watch it! Go Chargers and Goooo Giants! UFC is a definite love for me. It's just so exciting to watch honestly I would love to be in the UFC as a fighter! I have always been a bit of a tomboy as a kid I always played with the boys and always loved getting dirty eh I guess not much has changed cuz I still play with the boys and keep up with them and I am always ready to get dirty! I am definitely that girl that would rather turn on the game then watch soaps and I am not the chick flick kinda girl either. I love my action movies: the more action the better - gore included! An awesome date for me would be going to a football game, dirt biking, watching a fight. You get the idea! Most guys would tell you I am the perfect chick and I have been known to get along better with guys as apposed to girls maybe that's cuz there is a major lack of drama! However I will have to say that I have not gotten one serious marriage proposal. But I did say serious ones. [laughs] I have gotten many guys who say "Oh my God! Marry me please!"

What is the best thing about working with SoCal Glamour Girls?

I started working with the Socal girls almost a year ago! I have had a blast! Working with them is awesome, in fact you cannot really call it work! I mean c'mon do you really think hanging with sexy girls taking sexy pics and doing super hot vids is work? No way! It's fun! Hmmm the best part of working with them would have to be the "No Drama rule at the studio"! Just teasing! The best part about working with the SoCalGlamourGirls is being part of such a loving & fun community, and getting to meet so many amazing people including hot girls! [laughs] SoCalGlamourGirls team is the best team of great people!

If you could do a photo shoot anywhere, what location would you choose?

I could pick so many awesome places! Now I may have to answer this one in two ways! My guy side that loves to get dirty would have to say that an awesome place for a photo shoot would be in the middle of a beautiful desert with my dirt bike as my prop or a football field in the mud! Now my more girlie side would say that an awesome location of a shoot would be on sum isolated private island where its me and the beautiful ocean and white sand. Isn't that every girls dream?

What is one goal you hope to accomplish?

Well I have several goals but since your asking about one I will give you one. One goal that I would like to accomplish, wait let me rephrase that...I will accomplish is to get my degree in nursing and become a registered nurse working in a hospital & of course, continue to work on my modeling career.

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