Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fox of the Week (3/24/10): Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons is a model from Chicago. She discusses what drew her to modeling, models she admires, and her best features.

Modeling has been your dream since 14. What drew you to it?

Growing up around my cousin Cherise motivated me. She was a runway model. I thought she was so beautiful in everything she done. Cherise wore gorgeous clothing, shoes, purses and hair, nails. Her makeup was always flawless. When I lost her I became addicted to modeling. Started Barbizon modeling school in Chicago and dancing in strip clubs at age 16. I would only hang around older women that had anything to do with modeling, stripping, and getting money. Also they could get me into VIP places. I call them my big sisters. My big sisters made me go to cosmetology school to get my license so i would have a back-up plan. It involved beauty so I loved it as well. By the age of 18, I had my own girls modeling for me in Chicago clubs. Things haven't changed that much for me since then.
What is your best feature?

Hips & eyes. My photographers say my hips are too wide for my little body. I'm 5'3", 127 lbs, 39-inch hips. I was told my eyes change with my mood. I never see it.

What challenges do you find in modeling as opposed to when you started?

New agency and photographers you never worked can't trust everyone.

Who are some models that you admire? Why?

Iman and Beverly Johnson. They inspire me to succeed in whatever I do because both are supermodels and entrepreneurs: Iman with her skin care, fragrance, and her own makeup line. Beverly Johnson with her hair collection. All these are part of everyday beauty (cosmetology) like myself.

What is one goal you must accomplish?

My own VIP club. I already have girls modeling lingerie. We need a location and place then my goal will be accomplished.

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