Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fox of the Week (3/3/10): Britini Chante

Britini Chante is a model from Sacramento. She discusses her first modeling gig, what makes a great photo, and models she admires.

I'm down to earth, love to laugh, and full of fun. I like to be entertained by a good book or a great horror flick. Things that can get under my skin are: bad manners, cockiness, and rude pick-up lines. Things that can score you major brownie points are: a great smile, dimples, sense of humor, and intellectually stimulating conversation. If you haven't hit me up on Twitter, please do so. I do talk back! Myspace freaks, you can hit me up too. Sorry Facebookers, I do not and have never had a Facebook! Love you all!

What was your first modeling job? Describe how you felt at your first gig.

My first gig ever was HIN 2006 in which I was fresh out of high school, completely nervous and completely unprepared.

What makes a good photoshoot?

A good shoot involves a couple of elements.
  • Good wardrobe (or none at all).
  • Great energy: enjoy your location or set. Have fun be relaxed. Be yourself, no nerves, no timidness.
  • Great relationship/comfortability between you and the photographer: Gotta have that chemistry and want the same thing out of the shoot.
  • Communication. Your photographer should be able to effectively communicate with you and you should be able to receive and deliver.

    What makes you look at a photo and say "Wow!"

    Concepts impress me most. Seeing things I've never seen before. Just thinking outside of the box.

    Who are some models you admire? Why?

    Oh my, the list 4 this could take days!
  • Vanessa Veasley: she's more than just a pretty face, she's successful in her business endeavors also as one of the editors of Show Magazine and a cohost on web talk show Candy Shop. Twitter her: @vanessaveasley
  • Jenny Chu: This girl is just non-stop and all about her business. It's impossible to be on the import scene and not know who she is. Twitter her: @iheartjennychu
  • Sudana Pa: I met Sudana one year at HIN and she was new on the scene like I was. Over that next year she skyrocketed and is now one of the most sought after girls on the scene. I admire her for that. Twitter her: @sudanaxmama
  • Amber Rose (A.Diva): not Kanye's Amber Rose. This beautiful woman has been such an inspiration to me because she has traveled all over the world, done countless shoots that were amazing, started a successful charity foundation and been voted "most wanted lesbian on the net". Twitter her: @accidentaldiva

    More than all their good looks, these women are humble, sweet, and intelligent.

    What is one goal you hope to accomplish?

    I just wanna be successful. It's cliche I know, but true. I think that's all anyone really wants.

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