Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fox of the Week (5/19/10): Des'Monae

Des'Monae is a model from Maryland. She discusses her first modeling gig, studying creative fields, and her goal to help single moms pay for college.

How did you get started modeling?

Actually my brother was modeling and he had a fashion show coming up that needed more kids, so I took my daughter to audition and not only did they want her they wanted me as well. So I did the fashion show because it was a benefit show to raise money for a women's/kids shelter. From that one show I was approached by local designers, and managers and eventually ventured into print.

Describe how you felt at your first modeling gig.

My first gig was the benefit fashion show and I was very excited honestly. I was anxious and a little nervous in the beginning but once the music started I was in my own world and had fun. I never thought about modeling before this event. I was the tomboy who played sports and spent my time drawing or painting but as I look back on my first gig, I realized how many doors it has opened up for me not only for modeling but for my artistic talents as well. I was now introduced to another a "artistic" field that I feel as though I can excel in. The fact that I made it in so many different fashion shows regardless of the fact that I didn't meet the height requirements or the size requirements proved to me that I can do anything that I want.

You have studied a lot of creative fields. Which is your favorite? Why?

Art is a passion of mine and I have studied web design, 2D and 3D animation, video production, game art design, aspects of fine art such as painting and sculpting, graphic design, fashion design and construction, etc. I love every aspect of art but my favorite field would have to be Video Production. I consider it to be my favorite because as with all fields there are rules and boundaries but you have a lot of freedom in film to express yourself and be as creative as you want. Also the fact that if you do it right you can break the rules. I love everything from preproduction work like storyboarding, concept art to production with direction and post-production editing. To have a vision and to be able to produce that vision for others to see is amazing!

If you could make a living at something other than modeling, what would it be? Why?

Modeling is great but it's not what I would call my dream career. Being in front of the camera is wonderful but I would be just as happy being out of the limelight. Whatever career path I finally choose will be art and/or math-oriented. I am a very creative person and love to use my creativity whenever I can. I orginally wanted to do architectural engineering and I have been thinking about going back to school to pursue that dream, but I may just take up drafting and design first since I currently work with a construction company and I am receiving a lot of hands-on experience.

Who are some models you admire?

I don't just admire a specific model, I admire all the models who dedicate their life, energy and time to perfecting their craft. We can learn from each other and each model brings something different to the table. Modeling is not easy at all, it takes self-discipline, dedication, time, energy, persistence and hard work to do it successfully and anyone who possesses these qualities should be admired regardless of their profession.

If you could only accomplish one more thing in life, what would it be?

A goal that I would like to accomplish would be to set a scholarship/funding system for single mothers who chose to push past the many barriers associated with motherhood to better themselves inorder to support their family. Higher education is very expensive and not only do single mothers need support financially but emotionally and socially as well. To be able to help a female obtain a higher degree in a field of her choice would make my day. The system will not just provide help with tuition but with child care, housing if need be, school supplies, and the essentials needed whether its extra tutoring or transportation help. I want women to know that having a family is never a set-back and they have the power to overcome all steroetypes and obstacles associated with their situation.

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