Sunday, May 2, 2010

Orange County band Secret Citizen: unstoppable

Secret Citizen from Orange County, CA, was formed around the unique sound of Calvin Riley lead vocals and songwriter. Calvin is a determined, driven artist that eats, sleeps and works music. Coming from well travelled background, having lived in Europe and in Asia, he is inspired by the human race and portrays the truth in his songs. The band’s name, “SECRET CITIZEN” derives from his travels, never really belonging but living as a secret citizen of the world.

Complete the sentence. Secret Citizen is...

(Gideon, drums) Secret Citizen is a band whose members are citizens of the world creating an eclectic sound that is familiar to all. The unique dimensions in our music is what leaves you wanting to rock-on. We have just completed our first professional Demo CD out of our large repertoire of original songs, The CD consists of four of our best original songs that will rock your mind. We are unstoppable.

How might a Secret Citizen song come together?

(Calvin, guitar, vocals) An SC song comes together through the process of "jamming it out". An idea comes to the table and the idea is played out in rehearsals until we find a groove. After the groove is established we work on structure and momentum and eventually we find the pattern of each song and play them till we drop.

What is essential to every SC song?

(Calvin) It is essential for every SC song to be written with feeling and personality. With every song comes the question, how is this song suppose to make the audience feel? and with that answer we find the structure to build upon.

If you could have a conversation about music with anyone, who would you choose?

(Ben, bass) Anyone who can have an open discussion about music without getting too "I'm an expert" about what they do. Too many times you meet people who believe "good" music is a certain type. Music is an art. You can't be closed minded and really embrace it or make it your life.

What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

(Jay, lead guitar) Promoting events and gatherings that support live music. All of us do everything we can to keep people interested in Music, especially in these times when Art is considered a "luxury" item. when really it's as important as breathing or eating.


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  2. I've seen Secret Citizen live and they're AWESOME! Growing up in the OC, I've probably seen 100 bands live and no one comes close to these guys. Their music is (aside from awesome which I've already mentioned) interesting, original, and just makes you want to get up and dance. I'll definitely go to more of their shows!

  3. Share Secret Citizen-
    Thanks for your support!

  4. These guys are BOMB-Diggety! They've really taken the whole thing up a few notches in the last 6 months. Check out their new video.