Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fox of the Week (5/5/10): Kandy Cavalli

Loyal reader, as you know, this blog is dedicated to bringing you the best in independent music and beautiful models. It was only a matter of time before the two overlapped in one feature.

Kandy Cavalli is a music artist and model from LA. She discusses her musical style, with whom she would like to write a song, and what she hopes to accomplish in her career.

Describe your style for someone who has never heard your music. What sets your music apart?

I have my own style. I'm soulful And edgy I'm willing to do any type of music from R&B to pop. That's what sets my music apart.

If you could write and perform a song with one artist, who would you choose? Why?

I would write a song with R. Kelly because I look at him as being a great artist. I grew up listening to him.

Which is more challenging: writing songs or modeling? Which is more rewarding?

I would say writing a song is more challenging. Also writing a song is the more rewarding.

Who are some models you admire? Why?

I admire Omayra. She has a unique look to her and she has different looks on every photo she takes.

If you could only do one, would you choose music or modeling?

Music Is my life.

If you could only accomplish one more thing in your career, what would it be?

I would hope my music will bring people together and have no hate.

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