Sunday, June 6, 2010

Denver City Saltlicks: sweat, spoons, twang, booze

This is the part where I am supposed to introduce the band to you. However, you don't need me to tell you this four-piece band is from Denver. And frankly, the band members give a much better description of the band than your humble narrator ever could. Ladies and gentlemen, Denver City Saltlicks.

Complete the sentence. Denver City Saltlicks is...

A four-piece band that takes the flavours of yesteryear, electrifies them, shows them a skin mag centerfold and then tells them to melt faces or else they’re getting salt rubbed in yer wound motherfucker!

What is essential to every DCS show?

Electricity, sweat, spoons, twang, cheers, booze, dancing, aggressive dancing, Cate Hate’s bloody splinter filled knuckles, ‘Bama Slim’s Don’t give a Fuck outfits, an electric ukulele, Bullseye's striking good looks, George’s devastating upright bass grooves, booze, an A-Hole attitude, family, friends, drunkards, some guy who hates us, some chick who loves us, flash bulbs, booze, and an olde yellow gas can with Denver City Saltlicks painted on it and the taste of a dirty water hot dog with NO relish.

Describe how your sound is familiar, yet something people have never heard.

Well, all of DCS songs are rooted in Olde Tyme traditional sounds. Be it Bluegrass, Spirituals, Doo-Wop, Classic R & B, Honky Tonk, Surf, Blues and Country. We try to keep to the heart of the band and its focus...classic sounds, but it becomes something new when you factor in that you have a brother/sister vocal duo, electrified ukulele, a home-made Didley Bow, punk’d out washboard, a Rock style drum kit, Upright Bass and a Punk Rock aggression, attitude and treatment. We hope people walk away feeling like they think they knew what was going on but will have to hear it again to really get it.

If you could write and record a song with one artist, who would you choose? Why?

‘Bama Slim: Sweet Sunny South from Paonia, Colorado. This traditional olde tyme Bluegrass band was one of my 1st inspirations to create a sound like ours. Of course they’d have to “amp up,” but their energy, songwriting and style is somewhere I could be and rawk.

Cate: Well, I would love to record with some of my musical idols, but it might be too risky. I mean, I don't want my idea that Greg Graffin is the coolest mother fucker in the world and I sit down with him and he might be a total asshole. I'd be crushed. We just finished recording our first album and I am still high on that because we had so much fun doing it. So, I would have to say the great cats in our band. I can't wait to get back in with them.

Bullseye Dray: It would have to be Johnny Cash. Just hearing the First American Recordings when they did that recording in someone's living room, sounds like a lot of fun. It was just brilliant. And, especially after reading his autobiography, it was like you were sitting across the table from him telling his stories.

George: Buddy Holly. He has been my all time favorite musician since I was a kid.

What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

Music IS our second job seeing as though the band is made up of career-minded family folk, but if we weren’t tied down and we were on the road making it happen and then the Apocalypse descended? Well, we’d probably be cannibalistic road warriors on the hunt while sing a jaunty tune about eatin’ brains…salt cured of course.

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