Sunday, November 8, 2009

Captain Incredible: you should stop listening to the radio

Captain Incredible is a hard-rocking, noise-blasting quartet from Dallas, Texas. Born in the dormitories of Denton, Texas (home of the excellent band Slobberbone) and raised on the shores of California, Captain Incredible now gladly calls North Dallas their home. They bring panty-dropping guitar riffs, face melting solos, bone crushing drum beats, and one and a half balls worth of bass to each and every live performance. The band members discuss who they would like to discuss music with, the band's sound, and the superpowers each member possesses.

Describe your sound for someone who has never heard the band.

Too Punk for Metal, too Metal for Punk. For practicality sake, you could file our music under the rock or punk genres in a record store. Our music is the offspring of Classic Rock and Classic Punk Rock; when our lawyer first heard us he said, "Sounds like Black Sabbath and Bad Religion made a baby."

Where would you file your music in a record store?

In the Rock or Punk sections.

What is essential to every Captain Incredible song?

At least one guitar solo, and some balls.

Why should I have your music in my collection?

It is good "go to" music for those days when you just want to scream. And because you should really stop listening to the radio.

If you could have a beer and a conversation about music with anyone, who would you choose? Why?

Phipps - Jimmy Page (do I really need to explain?)

Josh - Keith Moon, although there would have to be more than one beer involved to make this scenario work. Why Keith Moon? Just to get hammered with him, to watch him get hammered all night. I would never want to pick his brain or anything, we would just drink and party all night, so much so that talking itself would become laborious, we would both be incoherent.

Ben - Dave Grohl. I dig every project he has been a part of, mostly the Foo Fighters. He seems like he would be a kickass dude to have a beer with period.

What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

Well we all have a penchant for delivering justice by any means necessary, so the four of us would probably form a vigilante superhero coalition of some sorts. I mean, we already possess superpowers too: Phipps is a brain and possesses telekinesis, Josh has superhuman strength, Ben can fly, and Casey has X-RAY vision (mostly for his own distasteful peeping habit). Or masturbating.

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