Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fox of the Week [11/26] Allie Fennell

Allie Fennell is a model from Atlanta (clearly a hotbed for models in general and Fox Tracks models specifically). She is currently studying medicine and dreams of becoming a plastic surgeon. She discusses her start in modeling, her dream location, and what she hopes to accomplish.

How did you get started in modeling?

I started modeling in 2008 when I worked at Hooters of America. I started with Hooters swimsuit competitions and Hooters Calendar shoots. Shortly after I started urban modeling and promotional modeling. I have done promotional work for companies like Heineken and Coke Zero. I have also done a couple of movies.

What do you think is your best feature?

My best feature are my eyes and my lips. My body is perfect and my face just seals the deal. My lips and eyes are very unique. I look young and innocent but I can be sexy at the same time.

How do you think people underestimate or misjudge you?

I honestly feel like models today are underestimated period! I think people only see models as the "video chick" and they don't think we can broaden our horizons. Personally it all depends on the model and what she is trying to do with her career. I am willing to do commercial modeling and videos,but some models only want to excel in one area. I wanna be best all around!

If you could do a photoshoot in any location, where would you choose? Why?

I would do a photoshoot in Puerto Rico. I think that the scenery of the island is wonderful. The beaches, rain forest, and villages are gorgeous and I would kill it.

Who are some models you admire?

Rosa Ascota and Erica Mena, I admire these two ladies because they are of Latin decent and I am too. They are very beautiful women and I am proud that they represent top latin models in the industry.

What is one goal you feel you must accomplish?

The biggest goal that I must accomplish in the modeling industry is to become a household name. I'm talking movies, music videos, magazine cover,and calendars. I want the works! I want to be everywhere lol. That is my ultimate goal.

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