Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fox of the Week (2/17/10): Kitty Kennedy "Creole China Doll"

Kitty Kennedy (aka Creole China Doll) is a model from Louisiana. She has recently been featured on Stiletto Talk, Titanium Girlz, and Wildly Styley, among others. She discusses her beginnings in modeling, what makes a great photo, and what she hopes to accomplish.

What was your first modeling job? Describe how you felt that day.

Wow, that was over 13 years ago! (laughs) My first modeling job was a JC Penney fashion show. It actually came about by accident. I happened to be shopping in the store when one of the models was told to leave because of her bad attitude. The coordinator of the show stopped me & said “You’re gorgeous, can you walk?” I told him yes, so that’s how I ended up in the show. He gave me $100 afterwards.

What do you think is your best feature?

I believe my best feature is my mind, therefore is not located on the outside. You’d have to ask my fans their opinion on what my best physical attribute is, if that’s the type of answer you were looking for.

Who are some of the models you admire?

In my particular genre of modeling, I only admire myself. But in modeling as a whole, my idol is Iman. I also admire Beverly Johnson, Naomi Sims & Alek Wek.

What sets you apart from other models?

I’m just ME, that’s what makes me different. I’m not trying to keep up with or imitate any of these other ladies. I’m not “the next so-in-so”. I’m Creole China Doll, in a league of my own.

What makes a “Wow” - worthy photo?

My “Wow” worthy photos are captured when I become one with the persona for whatever look I’m portraying.

What is one goal you hope to accomplish?

I have many, but if I were to pick just one it would be to be on someone else’s inspiration list. That’s when you know you’ve done something right.


  1. I am the proud owner of PrettyBoy Productions. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kitty for many years now. I have to say that she is a very beautiful woman, with a great attitude, great body, great mind, and most importantly a great friend. I wish her the best on all her endeavors. Also, other than her mind I would say that her eyes are the most attractive, but coming up in a strong second... THE BOOTY, CUTIE! LOL. Peace.

  2. Well said, Eddie.