Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fox of the Week (2/3/10): Emanon

Emanon is a model from Chicago who has appeared in television shows and films. She discusses how she got started, her best feature, and models she admires.

How did you get started modeling?

Plus Modeling is an area that has gone unrecognized for a while, but the light is shining brighter each season. I entered a PP pageant in 2005 on a dare. Once I arrived to the competition, I quickly learned that the first P in PP meant Petite (I'm 6'0") so needless to say I was disqualified from the pageant but allowed to participate in the other part of the competition. I won "Most Photogenic" and it kind of started me on my journey.

What would you say is your best feature? Why?
I love Me! (laughs) My face because people always tell me "your skin is flawless, I would kill for your skin" So I hope to one day represent a makeup or skin care line. I take good care of my face I keep in it looking "flawless" by drinking lots of water, wearing sunscreen year round and I NEVER sleep in make-up not even for a nap.

How do people underestimate or misjudge you?
I have a passion for LIFE so I tend to act silly and just live in the moment so some people may underestimate my ability or my professionalism and sleep on what I could bring to the table. Ultimately they miss out.

You have appeared in some films. Who is one person in film you would love to work with? Why?

I have always been an extra in the movies, I would love to work with any powerful producers that are willing to give me a chance with a speaking part. (laughs)

Who are some models you admire?

I love Tyra, Naomi, Iman, and Twiggy, but I admire the girls who look like me: Mia Ambers, Marquita Pring and all the models that represented in the Glamour and V magazine size issues. I hope to see many more including myself.

What is one goal you feel you must accomplish?

There are so many things that have not been done in the Plus world, I just hope to be a part of the ride. We will see!

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