Thursday, July 29, 2010

Check out Lonestar Texabilly Radio for good rockabilly, psychobilly

Well, loyal reader, by now you have noticed that the music features have been pretty irregular recently. I won't spend too much time bemoaning that fact. I will only say that I haven't been getting much response from music artists. But the show must go on, right?

I recently found a podcast (so much better than commercial radio) called Lonestar Texabilly Radio. I caught up with the podcast in episode 6, which begins with a cover of "La Isla Bonita" by Happy Drivers. To be honest, I cannot stand Madonna, but this song was pretty good, enough to keep me listening.

This podcast features hard-to-find rockabilly and psychobilly tunes. Episode 6 features songs from Cave Catt Sammy ("Your Money Makes You Purty"), King Sickabilly, Hillbilly Moon Explosion, and others. Overall, the host plays a lot of worthwhile tunes that are bound to keep your toes tapping. In episode 6, he did talk a little more than he needed to, but I'm interested enough to check the next episode when it comes around.

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  1. Gary, make sure to check out all the other killer shows at the and thanks for tuning in!