Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fox of the Week (7/28/10): Chi Chi Bonita

Chi Chi Bonita is a model who was born in Germany and lives in Charlotte. She discusses a perfect evening, the challenges of modeling, and the modeling job she would never decline.

Complete the sentence. Chi Chi Bonita is...

Determined to be great, don’t be jealous, embrace her! (laughs)

Thong, boyshorts, other or none?

None, I really don’t like underwear, my friends hate it when I walk around them naked. (Author's note: Ummm...really? Why?)

Describe your idea of a sexy (day or) evening.

My idea of a sexy evening would be started off by cooking dinner together with my significant other. Then we would sit at a candlelit table and just talk until our food was finished. Next, we watch a funny movie and just hold each other while finishing dessert. Then maybe we make some magic. (laughs)

Describe how you felt at your first photo shoot.

At my first photo shoot I was pretty scared because I didn’t know what to expect but once that camera started clicking I knew this was it. I found my niche and I just went with the flow letting everything come natural.

What is the most challenging thing about modeling?

The most challenging thing about modeling is the prejudices you have to deal with. Everyone thinks that they know what type of female you are just because of the pictures you take. It’s very hard to make a name for yourself in this business so you have to make sure you are doing things to set yourself apart from the wannabes.

Who are some models you admire? Why?

I admire any and all models that are doing things right in the business. I feel like any woman who is modeling and still living by her morals and beliefs is a rarity nowadays so I salute them!

What is the one modeling gig you would not turn down?


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