Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fox of the Week (7/14/10): Lady Chanel 954

Give us a brief course in Lady Chanel 101.

  • The cover of Stacked Magazine next issue
  • Cover of Suga Pop Magazine (out of Montgamery, Alabama)
  • feature in Zoe Images upcoming magazine
  • Young Duce (new artist signed to Slip and Slide Records) Mixtape Album Cover and music video “Late Night Shone”
  • The Official Model for Unique Skinny (upcoming artist out of Hollywood, Florida)
  • Host for LIFE TV
  • feature on BlackMen Magazine Website
  • 2page spread in The Heat Magazine and Tipdrill Magazine
  • Legacy of COA Babbi "Wign" video and much much more just Google me!

    What would you say is your best feature?

    I would have to say my mind. I'm sure alot of you would say a different asset. (laughs)

    Describe a perfectly sexy evening.

    A sexy evenin for me...hm...wearing a nice fitted dress (no underwear) with the tallest stillettos possible. Inside of a South Beach club surrounded by the stars and friends.

    Who are some models you admire? Why?

    Buffie the Body because she changed that light-skinned versus the dark-skinned modeling stereotype. She is a great example of taking what she has to get what she wants. She has workout videos, books, comics, and more. She basically stepped out of the box and did something other than the norm. Also Tyra Banks to pick her brain and absorb all of the information she was offering to release. She has gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

    What one modeling gig would you never turn down?

    Music Videos because it allows me to be even more creative by becoming a totally different character.

    If you could only accomplish one more thing, what would it be?

    My own dvd titled, ALL THE WAY LIVE.

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    Lady Chanel appears courtesy of Tawag Enterprises.


    1. Agreed, Lunnic. Tawag Enterprises has sent a lot of good models our way.